Lest We Forget (Three Part Sidlak)

My lady,
Find thy way to grace.
Torches pass o’er hallowed grounds
Fertilized by convictions and blood.

Tyranny’s defeat.
Hope for mankind realized.
The crown was thus expelled from their lands.

New threats from within –
Weakness, blind to man’s nature.
Despotism held at bay by bayonets.



I write when it’s there.  I write what I feel.  I hope you enjoy it.

Everything is a work in progress.  Life itself is nothing more than a series of works in progress.  Love what you do.  If you can’t love what you do, find something that you love to do afterwards.

I was born and raised in South Louisiana.  When I am not spending time with my children, you can find me writing, walking, in the gym, or binge watching horror movies.